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    our white queen.

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  2. mertalas naomi @iamnaomicampbell for @interviewmag styled by@ludivinepoiblanc  @lisaeldridgemakeup #petersavic #gerardsantos #mertandmarcus #naomi #love #leopard #family

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    Michael Page, Into the Void, oil on canvas, 66 x 48, 2013, image posted with permission of the artist.

    Part of the exhibition, Suggestivism, curated by Nathan Spoor, August 16 - September 6, 2014 at CoproGallery

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    More Michael Page on iheartmyart.

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    "Pudding" is a resident Fox at the National Fox Welfare Society, as he’s too friendly to be released back to the wild

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    Chado Ralph Rucci SS 12

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